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Why should old person undertake bone density check

ALL NEWS Author:Admin 2018-06-14 10:35:05

Why should old person undertake bone density check

Old people's health cannot be separated from daily health care.So for the elderly, how do you do bone density screening?

An old man had a pain in his waist for more than ten years, even when he coughed and defecated.Treat by oneself bone hyperplasia, the effect is bad, attack repeatedly.Doctors told her to take a picture and it turned out to be a compression fracture of the lumbar spine caused by severe osteoporosis. The vertebral body was badly deformed and was as thin as an egg shell.Bone pain is a very common clinical symptom and its etiology is complex, among which osteoporosis and bone loss are the common causes.According to experts, such misdiagnosis is common in outpatients.

In one study, 410 patients with bone pain were measured by ultrasonic bone density meter. The results showed that 175 patients with abnormal bone density were detected by ultrasonic bone density examination (42.68%), increasing with age.The prevalence of abnormal bone density in men was and 50.69% in women.Between and 70 years old, the prevalence rate of abnormal bone density and the number of bone pain in women of the same age group were higher than that of men of the same age group.Bone mineral density anomaly appeared more in postmenopausal women and men in the 70 - year - old, after taking hormone, with connective tissue disease, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, systemic sclerosis, ankylosing spondylitis, etc.) appear abnormal is higher than other people.The determination of bone density is of great importance to the diagnosis and treatment of bone pain.The causes of bone pain caused by osteoporosis are as follows :(1) in the process of bone transformation, bone absorption increases, bone trabecular damage and subperiosteal cortical bone damage;(2) vertebral compression fracture and deformation caused by non-external forces;(3) when the osteoporosis patient is active, the lumbar and back muscles are in a state of tension for a long time, resulting in the fatigue, spasm and pain of the lumbar and back muscles.

In the bone pain patients, the men than women, probably due to: (1) male pain threshold is higher, education, character training men suffered reluctant to express the pain and less than women, for their care lead to low proportion because of pain and attendance.(2) the proportion of men with osteoporosis is lower than that of women.

Ultrasonic bone density meter reflects bone density information and bone strength, elasticity and brittleness through the propagation speed of sound waves in bones.Has simple operation, good repeatability, no radioactive, check the low cost and easily accepted by patients, bone mineral density detection method is advocated in recent years, is also in the diagnosis of osteoporosis of a safe and feasible method.Ultrasonic examination of bone density in patients with bone pain is very helpful for the judgment of osteoporosis and bone reduction, so as to provide certain reference value for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

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