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What is ECG Machine?

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bisen medical ECG

ECG =Electrocardiogram

Tracing of heart’s electrical activity

Electrode placement
1.10 electrodes in total are placed on the patient.

2. Firstly self-adhesive ‘dots’ are attached to the patient. These have single electrical contacts on them.

3. The 10 leads on the ECG machine are then clipped onto the contacts of the "dots".

bisen medical ECG

bisen medical ECG

Recording the trace

1.Different ECG machines have different buttons that you have to press.

2.Ask one of the staff on the ward if it is a machine that you are unfamiliar with.

3.Ask the patient to relax completely. Any skeletal muscle activity will be picked up as interference.

4.If the trace obtained is no good, check that all the dots are stuck down properly - they have a tendency to fall off.

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