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Guangzhou Bisen Medical Co.,Limited, is a Chinese professional medical equipment company, we specialize in manufacturing and marketing over 400 kinds of medical devices, catering to the needs of hospitals, clinics, research labs, medical equipment dealers and so on.

Our main products include X-ray machine, B ultrasound scanners, ECG, patient monitor, ICU equipment, Lab equipment, and other related medical disposables. We have exported products to more than 50 countries and built long term partnerships with clients.

We build good relationships and work strictly with manufacturers on quality inspection before shipment. The wide range of services we provide can reduce the number of suppliers you use, increasing your efficiency and cutting costs to your bottom line. Maya works for all your sourcing needs.

Meanwhile, high efficient, whole-hearted service and on-time delivery help us win trust and great popularity among customers from different countries and districts.

Guangzhou Bisen Medical Co.,Limited,

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  • Room 126,Building 2, Huacheng Creative Industrial Park , 6 Eternal Street, Dabei Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China.

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