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BS-V500 Handheld infrared vein finder/vein locator/vein viewer
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FOB Price: USD2500/unit
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Brightness: max to 10lumens
infrared wavelength: 940nm & 850nm
optimal image distance: 300mm±30mm
image resolution: 640*360 pixel
power source: rechargeable Lithium battery or AC
Battery: 3000mAH,work more than 100mins
Infrared Energy: <200mW/㎡
Warranty: 12 months
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:

Standard Export Wooden Or Thick Carton Packing with foam inside.0.5kg,220*65*65mm

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5 working days after payment

Product Description

BS-V500 Handheld infrared vein finder/vein locator/vein viewer

BS-V500 Handheld infrared vein finder/vein locator/vein viewer

The Projection Vein Finder BS-V500 is based on the principle that human hemoglobin has a higher absorption of infrared light than other tissues. With our enhanced imaging processing unit, up 80% invisible veins can be detected. The processed vein image is synchronously and precisely projected back on to the skin.

Working Principle:

Basing on the principle that hemoglobin in the blood vessel has stronger absorption of near-infrared light than other tissues and through a series of digital image processing, Projection Vein Finder projects the outline of the vein to the skin surface, so that medical personnel can clearly observe the tiny blood vessels 8mm to 10mm under the skin.

Intruduce Products:

1. Adjustable Brightness: Through the operation panel, the brightness of projection images can be adjusted for different light sensitivities of personnel.

2. Adult& Child Mode: Projection image area is different according to different groups, It is user-friendly.

3. Portable and Easy to Adjust: BS-V500 has a size of 227mm*65mm*63mm (length * width * height) and weight about 500g, It is portable in the pocket.

4.Clamp Support turns around in 360°, and adjusts up and down.

5. It has function of vein depth recognition.


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