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BS-S11 Medical trolley 3D/4D color doppler ultrasound sonoscape S11
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FOB Price: USD 7650/unit
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Display: 15 inch high definition LCD monitor with articulating arm
Applications: obstetrics,gynecology,Artery,Orthopedics,Cardiology,Vascular,etc
Depth: max to 360mm
Built-in Memory: 500G-very fast and safe
Display mode: 4D,B, 2B,4B, BM,M,BD,PW,BPW,CW,CF,tm
Optional Accessories: color printer/LaserJet or inkjet printer/Biopsy guide /Foot switch
Sockets:: Three active transducer sockets
Warranty: 1 year
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Standard Export Wooden Or Thick Carton Packing with foam inside.100KG,81x62x115cm

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5 working days after payment

Product Description

BS-S11 Medical trolley 3D/4D color doppler ultrasound sonoscape S11

BS-S11 Medical trolley 3D/4D color doppler ultrasound sonoscape S11

The BS-S11 is SonoScapes trolley color Doppler system which is a value choice beyond your expectations but not your budget. It redefines price and performance with practical design. As an easy-to-use ultrasound system, the S11 is integrated with a new software platform, especially optimized for smooth workflow and convenient operation. The system will speed up the exam process and simplify file management .

15 inch high definition LCD monitor with articulating arm

Compact and agile trolley design

Three active transducer sockets available for a wide range of applications
Duplex, Color Doppler, DPI, PW Doppler, tissue harmonic imaging, μ-scan speckle reduction

Compound imaging, Trapezoidal imaging

Customized settings based on your own working style

Full patient database and image management solutions: DICOM 3.0, AVI/JPG, USB 2.0,
HDD, DVD and PDF report

Complete DICOM system: Save, Storage, Commitment, MPPS, Print, Worklist, advanced file transmission/management;
BS-S11 Medical trolley 3D/4D color doppler ultrasound sonoscape S11

The BS-S11 will help you diagnose quickly and easily. SonoScapes speckle reduction technology used in the S11 will enhance the image acquisition and increase diagnostic accuracy. The new patient file management software will enhance the operational workflow. User-definable pre-sets and shortcut keys will help you work in your own style. Panel and keyboard layout are designed to allow greater functionality for the operator. The powerful new platform provides a seamless experience for all users.
S11 offers comprehensive data storage, transmission solutions and intelligent data management. It also offers easy access to customize the settings according to your own preferences. Smart patient file management makes it easy to retrieve patient image and data at any time.
The BS-S11 encompasses value, features and ergonomics

Various Diagnostic Applications
The S11 can be used in all general applications, including Abdomen, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Small parts, Muscle-skeletal, rheumatology, Vascular, Urology, Cardiology etc. Access to a wide range of compatible transducers, including, Convex, Micro-convex, Transvaginal, Transrectal, Linear, Intraoperative, Phased array, 4D Volumetric transducers etc.

Professional OB/GYN Clinical Solutions
Due to the BS-S11s supreme performance during strict tests, it has become favored among customers both at home and abroad. Complete Scanning modes, outstanding 2D performance, sensitive blood flow, freehand 3D and volume 4D imaging technology, endow the S11 with the best package for all applications in its class, especially womens healthcare. The S11 can ensure an excellent 2D image with advanced transducer techniques, including Quad B mode, convenient AFI measurement, endocavity transducer with wide scanning angle and temperature detection. The specially designed biopsy can guide a wide range of transducers.BS-S11s 3D/4D acquisition can enable a strong emotional connection for  expectant mothers.

Specialized OB/GYN software package enables better quantification and calculation.
--Obstetrical: GS, CRL, BPD, HC, AC, FL, CER, OFD, Fibula, AA, etc.
--Gynecological: UT-L, UT-H, UT-W, Cx, EN-T, AFI, OV L/H/W, etc.
--Measurement Methods: Hadlock, Jeanty, Kurtz, Hansmann, Nelson, Tokyo, etc.
--EFW Measurement Methods: WEI/SAB, Shepard, Hadlock, Hansmann, etc.

Reliable Color Doppler System
--Imaging modes: B, M, Color, Power, PW, CW (optional)
--Main technologies: Spatial compound imaging, Panoramic imaging, Anatomic M
--Mode, Freehand 3D Imaging, 4D Imaging (some of them are optional.)
BS-S11 Medical trolley 3D/4D color doppler ultrasound sonoscape S11


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