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BS-FJ2000 Portable Medical X-Ray Dosimeter Radiation Detector
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FOB Price: USD 180/unit
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Dose: Hp( 10) 0.0μSv—99.99mSv
Rate: Hp( 10) 0.1μSv/h—99.99mSv/h
Response time: 3S
Rate response: <±20%( 1μSv/h—99.99 mSv/h)
Energy response: <±30%( 50KeV—1.3MeV);
Relative deviation: <±15%( 137Cs)
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Standard Export Wooden Or Thick Carton Packing with foam inside.75g,55*92*×18mm

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5 working days after payment

Product Description
BS-FJ2000 Personal Dosimeter for X &γ

FJ-2000 portable radioactive contamination dosimeter is a wearable device, which is
produced with the functionally powerful MCU technology. It is mainly for testing Xray and γ-ray, and directly reading the dose and dose rate. In the scope of its
measurement, the alarming threshold can be fixed or pre-set. When the threshold is
overrun or block dose happens, the meter will send out light and sound alarm signals.
As wearable device, it features small size and low power.
1. High sensitivity, and response to environmental background;
2. Measuring both dose and dose rate, providing various alarming signals;
3. Low power, small size, and easy to use.

Technical specifications:
 Detector: GM counter tube
Measure range:
Dose: Hp( 10) 0.0μSv—99.99mSv;
Rate: Hp( 10) 0.1μSv/h—99.99mSv/h;
Response time: 3S;
Rate response:<±20%( 1μSv/h—99.99 mSv/h);
Energy response:<±30%( 50KeV—1.3MeV);
Relative deviation:<±15%( 137Cs);
Alarming and alarm threshold
Battery and power
AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries (7 alkaline batteries ). Power is less than 2mw, it can
continue work for 720 hours.
Temperature characteristic: <±10﹪ -10℃—+50℃;
Humidity characteristic: <±10﹪95﹪RH(+35℃);
Dimension: 55( W) ×92( H) ×18( T);

It is widely used in such fields like non-destructive flaw detection, nuclear power station, nuclear submarine, isotope application, and cobalt therapy.


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