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BS-601A Urine sediment analyzer with multi-layers scanning technology
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FOB Price: 7000USD/
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Thoughput: 40-60 samples/hour
Built-in Barcode Reader: yes
Percent Error: <5%
Contamination Rate: <2%
Certificate: CE ISO
warranty : 2 years
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Standard Export Wooden Or Thick Carton Packing with foam inside.620mm x 555mm x 530mm

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5 working days after payment

Product Description

BS-601A Urine sediment analyzer with multi-layers scanning technology


we have an unique technology, multi-layer scanning :
for example,it's just like the difference betweem X rays and CT,our technology is CT technology,can get the picture of diffent layers of the urine sample the speed from 40-160 sample/hour, we have 3 models for different size hospitals

the urine sediment analyzer can scan 13 layers under high magnification mircroscope,10 layers under low magnification mircroscope,so the picture is more cubic and clear 
In general,the other mafufacture's technology is scanned on 1 layer,you know,it's just a ideal status, actually the elements of the urine sample exists on each layer.


1. Test items:WBC,RBC,epithelial,cylinder and other components of clinical requirement.

2. Optical cement flow counting pool:Adopting internationl advanced technology of optical cement,avoid leakage and reduce the settling time.

3. Non-focus technique:Full automatic microscope platform using the non-focus technique,faster and the image is much more clearer than traditonal automatic technology.

4. Tested sample automatically without centrifugation and dyeing.
5. Automatic recognition software:automatic image segmentation and classification techniques,to avoid missed fundamentally,greatly improving the accuracy.

6. Online network functions:Connecting with either dry chemistry analyzer,automatic transmission dry chemical test results.


High-efficiency washing system  The vertical suction needle wall washing technology,cleaning internal & external wall of the sample sucking needle,turbine cleaning counting cell pool and inner wall of pipeline from two opposite direction,completely prevent cross contamination.


Technical Parameter
Thoughput 40-60 samples/hour
Min. Sample Voloume 2ml
Built-in Barcode Reader yes
Percent Error <5%
Contamination Rate <2%
Interface RS485
Printer Laser,External,Optional
Dimension 620mm x 555mm x 530mm
Weight 100kg


our advantages:

1.Golden Standard Principle to test the components of the urine

2.High Technicial parameters to ensure the correct rate of testing results

3.Multi-layers scanning technology

4.Self-foucused technology without manual operation

5.Particles can be identified and classified automatically


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